Roofing Materials

As part of Asadtek continuous product innovation, the company has introduced a new roofing product with superior performance which requires no nails during roofing. Asadtek Special Standing Seam profile brings along leakage resistance, durabilty, strength, etc. with excellent aesthetic beauty and design flexibility. Read more


The Jubilee set is a flagship product of the company with exciting packaging. It’s made up of 7 pieces of cooking utensils in various sizes. The product was developed at the time Ghana was celebrating its 50th Anniversary, hence the name JUBILEE SET… Read more


Asadtek Properties Limited is the number one real estate company specializing in affordable housing. Our homes cater for the residential needs of young families and professional individuals. Read more

Excellence – our Hallmark

Asadtek Group Limited (AGL) is a privately held Ghanaian company registered originally to engage in the following lines of business